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In municipalities nationwide, TDEx is helping agencies make the most of modern data exchange technology.


Talon Data Exchange (TDEx)

As a Core Technology customer, we're positive that you're enjoying the
benefits of our products (JMS / TIMS / CAD / Talon App).

We've created a product that streamlines data exchange, integrates with our other offerings, and  improves the security of public servants and people everywhere.

Critical Data

Easy accessibility to a depth of critical data creates an invaluable snapshot of how municipalities are policing, prosecuting, managing jail populations, handling emergencies, and protecting the public at large.

Open Platform

No matter where you are, and regardless of the size of your municipality, TDEx gives you the greatest possible access to national, state and local data — a true force multiplier for any agency.

Increased Safety

Instant access to complete, up-to-the-moment information means that jail staff and police officers and courtroom staff are made safer by providing complete backgrounds, including priors and associates.

“I absolutely recommend Core. Core has saved us a lot of money and allowed us to be in compliance more than what we were with what we had [before].

Charles Lackey, Wayne County, Michigan

It's time to put TDEx to work for you.

In these times, one proven way to increase workflow and improve outcomes is through a smart, seamless system for accessing, sharing and managing information.